Molluscan communities from cave and slope deposits of the limestone rocky hills in the eastern part of Podhale Basin (Southern Poland)
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Chair of Environmental Analysis and Cartography, AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland
Submission date: 2006-08-05
Acceptance date: 2006-11-30
Folia Malacol. 2006;14(4):191-201
Small karst forms are commonly observed within isolated limestone rocky-hills in the eastern part of Podhale Basin. They are usually filled by deposits developed as loams with limestone scree or initial rendsina-type soil. Mollusc shells occur frequently in both types of sediments. Molluscan assemblages comprise mainly land snails including woodland, open-country and mesophile species. Mollusc-bearing slope and cave deposits were collected from twenty six outcrops in six localities. The succession of molluscan assemblages provides a basis for palaeogeographical, palaeoecological and startigraphical studies, as well as for reconstruction of environmental changes during the Late Glacial and Holocene.
Shelter in Smoleń III – A unique example of stratified Holocene clastic cave sediments in Central Europe, a lithostratigraphic stratotype and a record of regional paleoecology
Maciej Krajcarz, Marcin Szymanek, Magdalena Krajcarz, Andrea Pereswiet-Soltan, Witold Alexandrowicz, Magdalena Sudoł-Procyk, Julien Louys
The application of malacological analysis in the study of slope deposits: late Pleistocene and Holocene of the Podhale Basin (Carpathians, Poland)
Witold Alexandrowicz
Acta Geologica Polonica
Biostratigraphical characteristics of the Holocene deposits of the Southern Urals
Guzel Danukalova, Eugenija Osipova, Anatoly Yakovlev, Tatyana Yakovleva
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The malacofauna of the castle ruins in Melsztyn near Tarnów (Rożnów foothills, southern Poland)
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Changes to the environment of intramontane basins in the light of malacological research of calcareous tufa: Podhale Basin (Carpathians, Southern Poland)
Witold Alexandrowicz, Marcin Szymanek, Eliza Rybska
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Late Glacial and Holocene paleoecology and paleoenvironmental changes in the northern Carpathians foreland: The Żarska Cave (southern Poland) case study
Jarosław Wilczyński, Maciej Krajcarz, Hoyo Moskal-del, Witold Alexandrowicz, Barbara Miękina, Andrea Pereswiet-Soltan, Krzysztof Wertz, Grzegorz Lipecki, Adrian Marciszak, Lembi Lõugas, Michał Gradziński, Anita Szczepanek, Albert Zastawny, Michał Wojenka
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Climatic significance of modern minute land snail shells δ13C and δ18O on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Xiulan Zong, Yougui Song, Jibao Dong, Yue Li, Weiguo Liu, Yunning Cao, Meng Xing, Huifang Liu, Jing Hu
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Recent and subfossil malacofauna of Witkowe Rocks in the Jerzmanowice area (Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, Southern Poland)
Witold Paweł Alexandrowicz, Paulina Laskowska
Folia Malacologica
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