Ruthenica filograna (Rossmässler, 1836) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Clausiliidae) in malacocoenoses of deciduous forests in various regions of Poland
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Department of General Zoology, Institute of Environmental Biology, Collegium Biologicum, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
Submission date: 2006-12-17
Acceptance date: 2007-06-02
Publication date: 2020-06-26
Folia Malacol. 2007;15(2):59-64
Malacocoenoses containing Ruthenica filograna (Rossm.), a forest-dwelling clausiliid, were studied in two localities in Poland: the nature reserve Dębno nad Wartą (Wielkopolska region) and the Valley of Pieniński Potok (Pieniny Mts). The malacocoenoses were composed of 20 and 42 species, respectively. In Dębno nad Wartą R. filograna was the most frequent and abundant species; in the Valley of Pieniński Potok the most frequent and abundant species was Vitrea diaphana. The structure of the two communities differed also in other respects. The gastropod density in the two localities was similar (168 and 185 individuals · m–2, respectively), but their species composition was not, with only six species in common (Nei index 0.22).
Materials to the knowledge of molluscs of Wielkopolska (West-Central Poland). III. Families: Aciculidae J. E. Gray, 1850, Carychiidae Jeffreys, 1830, Succineidae H. Beck, 1837, Cochlicopidae Pilsbry, 1900
Krystyna Szybiak, Anna Jankowiak
Folia Malacologica
Materials to the knowledge of molluscs of Wielkopolska. I. History and general remarks
Elżbieta Koralewska-Batura, Jerzy Błoszyk, Bartłomiej Gołdyn, Krystyna Szybiak, Andrzej Lesicki, Agnieszka Napierała
Folia Malacologica
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