The genus Daphniola Radoman, 1973 (Caenogastropoda: Hydrobiidae) in the Peloponnese, Greece
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Department of Malacology Institute of Zoology, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
Submission date: 2010-12-03
Acceptance date: 2011-03-01
Publication date: 2011-10-10
Folia Malacol. 2011;19(3):131–137
A valvatiform hydrobiid gastropod, found in a spring at Dhiaselo, W of Sparta, N. Taigetos Mts.,Peloponnese, Greece, was identified as Horatia hadei Gittenberger, 1982. Its protoconch sculpture, female reproductive organs and penis morphology are characteristic of Daphniola Radoman, 1973. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis based on COI (cytochrome oxidase subunit I) fragments of mtDNA proved that the species is congeneric with D. exigua (A. Schmidt, 1856) and D. louisi Falniowski et Szarowska, 2000, andt hus belongs to the genus Daphniola, and that D. hadei, D. exigua and D. louisi are species-level distinct taxa.
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