Contribution to the freshwater gastropods of the island of Andros in the northern Cyclades (Aegean Islands, Greece)
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Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Austria
Biodiversity Research Laboratory, Hetlingen, Germany
Natural History Museum of Crete, Heraklion, Greece
Submission date: 2016-07-04
Final revision date: 2016-09-22
Acceptance date: 2016-10-09
Publication date: 2016-12-05
Corresponding author
Elisavet Georgopoulou   

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Burgring 7, At-1010 Wien, Austria
Folia Malacol. 2016;24(4):275-287
New data on the freshwater gastropods of the island of Andros (Northern Cyclades, Greece) are presented. We surveyed the gastropod fauna of 27 freshwater springs, rivulets and water reservoirs located mainly in the central part of the island. Six gastropod species were identified. At least two more species of the genera Pseudamnicola and Bythinella were also recorded. Although all the gastropod species are known from mainland Greece, Theodoxus fluviatilis (Linnaeus), Physa acuta Draparnaud, Planorbis atticus (Bourguignat) and Galba truncatula (O. F. Müller) are reported for the first time from Andros. Literature records, material examined, taxonomic remarks, and ecological information such as altitudinal ranges and habitat preferences are given for each species. Illustrations and distribution maps are provided; the history of the fauna is briefly discussed.
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