Non-native Helix lucorum Linnaeus, 1758 (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Helicidae) after twelve years in Prague, Czech Republic
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Submission date: 2021-02-07
Final revision date: 2021-04-20
Acceptance date: 2021-04-27
Online publication date: 2021-05-11
Publication date: 2021-06-04
Corresponding author
Jiři Doležal   

Verdunská 25, Praha 6, Czech Republic
Folia Malacol. 2021;29(2):117-120
The first occurrence of Helix lucorum Linnaeus in the Czech Republic was reported 12 years ago, at the closed train station Žižkov in Prague. A part of the station is a ruderal habitat while large patches are covered with partly damaged concrete. At the site where it was first recorded, and where the density of H. lucorum is still the highest, this invasive snail has now almost completely replaced the original H. pomatia Linnaeus. However, it has not expanded either inside or outside the station area.
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A new product from Helix pomatia and the method of its production
V.V. Golembovskii, L.A. Pashkova, A.I. Surov, S.A. Talalaev, S. Sadullozoda, G. Uzakov, I. Chudov, A. Gibadullin, Z. Zalilova, D. Morkovkin
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