Filling the gaps: First record of Zonites Montfort, 1810 from Paros island (Cyclades, Aegean, Greece)
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Biology, University of Crete, Greece
Invertebrates (excl. arthropods), Natural History Museum of Crete, Greece
Biology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Submission date: 2022-07-15
Final revision date: 2022-08-23
Acceptance date: 2022-09-17
Online publication date: 2022-10-21
Folia Malacol. 2022;30(4):251-253
Zonites Montfort, 1810 is recorded for the first time from Paros island. As only an old shell was found, the reasons that the populations of this threatened, endemic land snail of the Aegean seem to be declining should be investigated.
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